Here is a highlighted selection of my side projects. I am passionate about building tools that help people be more productive and efficient. Often I learn something new and immediately want to try it out in action.

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Polish Sworn Translators

Description: A platform to find a certified Polish translator. It scrapes data from the official list of sworn translators and displays it on a map. The application is designed to be easily extensible to other countries and languages.

Technologies used: Go, TypeScript, React, Google Maps API, PostgreSQL, Docker.

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Mergentle Reminder

Mergentle Reminder screenshot

Description: A self-hosted Slack bot designed to enhance team productivity by providing summaries of open merge requests on GitLab, directly to your team’s Slack channel.

Technologies Used: Go, GitLab API, Slack API, Docker.

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Pivotal Tracker Slack Preview

Pivotal Tracker Slack Preview

Description: A Slack app that provides real-time previews of Pivotal Tracker stories when their URLs are posted in the channels. The application enhances team efficiency by providing immediate context for stories, saving time by avoiding the need to switch between applications. Additional features include the ability to expand story details in a message visible to a single user and configurable settings for the number of stories in a message.

Technologies used: Go, Slack API, Pivotal Tracker API, Docker.

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Talk2Text Telegram Bot

Description: Talk2Text is a self-hosted Telegram bot that automatically transcribes voice messages into text and provides a summary of the transcriptions. It uses Whisper API for transcriptions and OpenAI API for summarization. It also includes a simple PIN-based authentication mechanism.

Technologies used: Go, Docker, OpenAI API, Whisper API, Telegram API, FFmpeg.

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Test Watcher

Description: Test Watcher is a tool that offers interactive reporting for Cucumber test runs. It integrates seamlessly through a custom Cucumber formatter, delivering real-time progress updates for test cases, even during parallel test execution. It can be effortlessly expanded to accommodate other testing frameworks.

Technologies used: Ruby, JavaScript, React, WebSockets.

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Byfly Agent

Byfly Agent screenshot

Description: Byfly Agent is a Windows desktop widget developed during the early stages of my programming journey in 2009. Its main purpose was to aid in controlling and monitoring the balance of a user’s account with a popular Internet Service Provider (ISP). Though the app has long since been non-functional, it remains a testament to my evolution as a developer, showcasing the start of my coding journey.

Technologies used: Qt4, C++.

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